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I was not completely honest with my husband the other night. He, from the living room, asked me, on the deck: Who are you talking to? I’m not, I said. You’re talking, he said. I’m just saying words, I said, I’m not having a conversation. This may or may not have been true depending on … Read more

Scene Stealers: A Few Faves from In Light of Recent Events

At this point in its existence, the actual writing of In Light of Recent Events (shorthand: ILORE)is a bit of a blur. Part of that is due to the nature in which it was written—over a decade, essentially in hour-long increments in the evening after working full-time and wrangling a family.

My Top 5…Er 13-ish Favorite TV Series*

Vintage television set

This blog originally started as my top 5 favorite movies. While I love movies and do have some true favorites (big hugs to you, Raiders of the Lost Ark), I find that it’s the quality TV series that really stay with me. What can I say? I prefer stories that allow me to spend more … Read more

The ILORE Playlist

I was a musician long before I was a writer, having learned from my mother how to play folk guitar when I was eight. I worked my slow, little fingers around chords to songs like “Michael Row the Boat Ashore” and “Cockles and Muscles.” A few years later, I moved to classical guitar having fallen … Read more

The Story of the Story

It officially started 10 years ago, though the seeds were planted a few years before when two characters appeared in a free-write exercise during one of the weekly sessions that I used to go to for the Burlington Writers Group. There were seven of us, give or take on any particular week, writing hobbyists who … Read more

Seeing Voices

It was early fall, just three weeks after my daughter had the cast removed from her right arm when she managed to break the left one.

The Year of Living Carefully

It’s spring-tease season in Vermont. Last week, 60-degree sunshine reintroduced us to our lawn and swelled our river, rumbling with snowmelt and runoff. Today, the wood stove is cranking again, and there are snowglobe flurries swirling outside my bedroom window.


FoodScience Corporation is not a household name, but many of its brands of human and pet nutritional supplements are.

PSA Campaign

Teenagers can be a tough audience. They’re skeptical of marketing (smart!), speak in their own codes and tropes (confusing), and are pretty sure they know everything (yes, I live with one).

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