Amy Klinger

TV Spots

Northfield Savings Bank (NSB) customers really love their bank—not just because it’s a solid local bank, but because it is earnest in its dedication to customers.

Radio Spot

No one plans to drive drunk. As part of a Labor Day campaign, this radio spot took that premise and turned it around.

Fundraising Tools

As someone who works in advertising and marketing, it is especially rewarding to put my efforts in support of an organization doing meaningful and sincerely impactful work as Bethany Hill Place does.


I’m not ashamed to admit it: I. Love. Puns. And I found a kindred spirit in Clover Sonoma Dairy.


Independent, family owned Danform Shoes has built their 40-year-old business on fostering long-term, quality relationships with their customers, not as shoe salespeople, but as as footwear and foot health consultants.

Animated Digital Book

Focus groups were clear: consumers adored their single-serve machine for what it provided, but really didn’t care for the way it looked on their counter.

All That Distance Traveled

My daughter’s eleventh year has been jam-packed with milestones. With each one, I try not to think too long about all the things that have slowly fallen by the wayside the past few years. But it’s also been a time of recovering things that had been set-aside during parenting’s heavy lifting years.

American Dream in the Garden State

New Jersey is my embarrassing cousin. The one who talks too loud, who fake jabs at my head and gives me noogies when I get too close. Who always knows someone who knows someone. Who insists there’s only one right way to do something (everything else is bullshit).

Something Wild

Come in close. I have something to tell you that I’d like to keep just between us: I don’t love camping anymore.

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