Amy Klinger

“Blue Sky” Branding

As part of an in-house creative team, I got to work on a number of projects that never saw the light of a grocery store. In this case, our team was tasked with creating 5 – 7 hypothetical beer brands as proof-of-concept. We had three weeks to complete our assignment and found so much to work with, we offered up 13.

This was an all-hands-on-deck project, but as the only writer on the team, my hands were in all of them—from collaborating on market research and segmentation to building a list of trademark-clear names (no easy task in the beverage world), then pairing off with art directors/designers to articulate the essence of each brand, giving it a back story that felt wholly authentic, as if it really were…real.

WORK: Research | Naming | Brand Essence/Identity

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