Amy Klinger


FoodScience Corporation is not a household name, but many of its brands of human and pet nutritional supplements are.

PSA Campaign

Teenagers can be a tough audience. They’re skeptical of marketing (smart!), speak in their own codes and tropes (confusing), and are pretty sure they know everything (yes, I live with one).

Explainer Video

SBIRT was the acronym program name for a new approach to improving health outcomes for Vermonters.

Case Studies

While not all copywriting can (or should) be sexy, it still needs to be interesting and clearly written.

Packaging Content

It’s not often I get the chance to partner with a mega-star. In fact, it’s only happened once while developing content for Hugh Jackman’s then-fledgeling coffee brand, Laughing Man.

Magazine Article

Though my work at Saint Michael’s College was focused on web content direction, I volunteered to write for the alumni magazine, and was especially grateful for the opportunity to research and conduct interviews for a complex topic like diversity and inclusion.

Promotional Video

The Vermont Department of Health had seen positive results from their Diabetes Prevention Program, and understood that the more people who enrolled in the program, the better their health outcomes.

Print & Digital Ad Campaign

Middlesex Savings Bank was well-loved by customers and even non-customers in the MetroWest Massachusetts area, but they had a hard time getting the message out that they had many of the same convenience tools that the big banks offered.

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