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To begin addressing the opioid crisis, the Vermont Department of Health wanted to help the public understand that were good alternatives for managing pain after injury and/or surgery. By hanging posters in providers’ offices, they would be meeting patients in the moment, encouraging them to have a dialogue with their providers about their options.

Concept 1 aimed to use the familiar pain-scale face illustrations in a colorful way that draws attention and addresses the issue in a friendly, approachable style and tone.

Concept 2 leveraged the idea that patients are a captive audience that will often read every poster on the wall while waiting for their provider. These famous dialogue scenes were not only engaging and fun to read, they helped bridge to the key message that it was easy and important to talk to their providers about pain management.

Concept 3 focused on a consistent and compelling headline but changed the primary illustration visual to address the three key audiences: children/teens and their parents, dental patients, and adult medical patients.

Though all three concepts were very well received by the client, they ultimately selected and produced concept 3, appreciating the ability to keep the message simple while targeting different groups of patients.

EMPLOYER: HMC Advertising
WORK: Concepting | Copywriting

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